Professor Gerd Folkers

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I am honoured to preside the Swiss Science Council (SSC) from 2016 to 2019. It is my intention to gain a clear understanding of the positions of the various actors involved in this field. With their support, I wish to help Switzerland to maintain its outstanding level of performance in science and innovation. The main contribution that science makes to innovation is gravely undermined by false incentives and excessively utilitarian expectations that cripple efforts to find truly innovative solutions. Together with fellow members of the SSC, I shall re-examine future scenarios and review established structures. Adopting a national perspective, we shall take global developments into account together with new trends and recent configurations and determine their impact on Switzerland.
Council members are involved in many different activities outside the SSC, whether it be fundamental research or industrial and applied research. They also hail from a wide range of different disciplines. When combined with the accumulated experience of the SSC Secretariat, these factors ensure an independent and balanced consideration of the Swiss scientific landscape. At the same time, they enable international forecasts to cover a longer period of time. Our aim remains to continuously enhance the general framework conditions to ensure the successful development of the Swiss education, research and innovation landscape.

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Professor Gerd Folkers
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